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Children & Minors

In line with the Enjoy Heineken® Responsibly commitment, the Heineken Experience does not allow guests who are under the Legal Purchase and/or Drinking Age (LPDA) inside, or under the age of 18, into the Experience.

Creating memorable experiences and lasting memories for our guests is something we love to do at the Heineken Experience. However, we believe that this experience is not appropriate for children and minors. Many minors want to emulate the actions of adults and influencers in their lives. We believe that this should never include behaviors related to alcohol consumption.

We have a long history of encouraging responsible consumption and we take this role seriously. We want to ensure that our story and communications reach an age-appropriate audience so we can actively restrict exposure of our branding to minors, ensure we’re communicating in the right way, and advocate drinking responsibly, moderation and general safety.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a minor?

    Anyone under Legal Purchase and/or Drinking Age (LPDA). At the Heineken Experience, we consider everyone under the age of 18 a minor.

  • What is the Legal Purchase and/or Drinking Age (LPDA)?

    The youngest age a person is legally permitted to purchase and/or drink alcoholic beverages. At the Heineken Experience the Legal Purchase and/or Drinking Age is 18.

  • What is the minimum age requirement to enter the Heineken Experience?

    You must be 18 or older to enter the Heineken Experience.

    Minors accompanied by an adult are also not allowed inside the Experience.

  • I bought a child ticket before the age restriction was changed. Can I still visit the Heineken Experience?

    Yes, you can still visit the Heineken Experience. All tickets, that include one or more child ticket(s), bought before 1 November, 2021 are still valid.

  • Why are children not allowed in the Experience?

    We actively restrict exposure of our branding to minors. We understand the negative effects that consumption of alcohol has on Minors which is why we actively restrict exposure of our branding to minors.