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¿Qué incluye?

  • Una visita exclusiva a la fábrica de cerveza histórica (2 h 30 min)
  • Guía experto local de Heineken®
  • Acceso exclusivo a uno de nuestros bares ocultos
  • Tu regalo Heineken personalizado
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Visita VIP de Heineken

Además de disfrutar de la experiencia de la visita estándar, tu guía personal también te acompañará por la historia de Heineken, para descubrir todos sus secretos. Y hablando de secretos, la visita VIP también te llevará a uno de nuestros bares secretos, Freddy’s o Henry’s, decorados al estilo de los personajes más relevantes de la historia de Heineken. En esos bares podrás saborear cinco cervezas prémium de nuestra cartera de productos, acompañadas de unos aperitivos al estilo holandés y nuestro exclusivo pan de levadura A.

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  • Los visitantes menores de 18 años no pueden realizar la visita VIP
  • Importante: la visita VIP se realiza en inglés

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Preguntas frecuentes

  • What is the VIP tour?

    The VIP will take you around 2,5 hours, in which we will guide you through our brewery and explain everything there is to know about our company. To finish the visit, we will take you to our private (and secret) bar where we will serve five premium beers from our portfolio, accompanied by snacks that have been carefully selected to match the beers. In this intimate environment, you will have the chance to interact with the guide, as well as the other guests. All in all, our VIP tour is a definite ‘not to miss while in Amsterdam!

  • Why can’t I book a VIP tour on Saturday?

    Saturday is the busiest day of the week. Because of this, we would not be able to give you the love and attention you deserve as a VIP of Heineken. That’s why we don’t offer a VIP tour on that day, but you are very welcome any other day of the week.

  • Can I book a guided tour?

    Yes, you can. For more information, please send an email to

  • Do you have an online Store?

    Unfortunately, the Heineken Experience does not have an online Store and we do not ship any merchandise. However, we do have a physical store located in our building. The store can be visited without a ticket to the Heineken Experience. The opening hours are the same as for the Heineken Experience. Please keep in mind that you cannot re-enter the Heineken Experience after your visit to the Store. We recommend that you schedule your visit to the Store after your visit to the Heineken Experience.

  • Can we access the rooftop terrace of the Heineken Experience?

    We know that we probably have one of the best views of Amsterdam, and that it is nice to share some drinks and take pictures with your friends and family on a rooftop terrace. However, and because we are located at the city centre, we also have to respect our neighbours. This is especially important in areas where there are families and locals living. Therefore, we can’t open this area to everyone.

    If you book our VIP tour, the tour guide will gladly take you upstairs to enjoy the view and a fresh Heineken beer.