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Henry’s Bar 因这个家族的科学家而得名,是对啤酒的所有方面加以体验的地方。就像餐厅里主厨的餐桌一样,宾客可以围坐在椭圆形的吧台旁边,观看调酒师工作。Henry’s 将提供 5 杯优质桶装啤酒,它隐藏在 Heritage Quarter 深处,所以是品尝啤酒、享用亲密晚餐或进行绝密聚会的理想场所。
  • 容量

    平方米: 28 m2
    接待处: 18
    设座晚宴: 18
  • 设施

    • 酒吧
    • 餐饮服务
    • 音响系统
  • 配置

    • Beer tasting
    • 接待处
    • 坐下来享用晚餐
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    我们喜欢举办活动,就像我们喜欢对新鲜的喜力® 生啤先尝为快一样。我们有七个不同的活动场所,几乎肯定能满足你的每项需求。我们高度敬业且经验丰富的团队随时为你的所有餐饮和规划需求提供支持。不论是会议还是大型晚宴,我们都能帮到你。


    Best'Dam Bar

    266 m2
    最大 215


    • What type of event can be organized at the Heineken Experience?

      We organize all types of events. From meetings to exhibitions, product launches to dinners. And let’s not forget we brew beer so we know how to organize a party!

    • Why choose Heineken Experience as event venue?

      The Heineken Experience, in the heart of Amsterdam, brings the feeling of the brand alive. Our venue has multiple spaces, varying in sizes, for groups between 5 and 350 persons. Our staff is friendly, helpful and knows everything there is to know about Heineken, beer and Amsterdam. And they would love to share it with you and your guests in an interesting way! All our spaces are equipped with various AV facilities to bring your event to a success.

    • How can we contact the Meetings and Events team?

      You can send us an e-mail at or call us on +31 (0) 20 721 5985 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET)

    • What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

      Combining spaces, we can organize events for up to 650 persons.

    • What benefits and services do you offer?

      Conveniently located in Amsterdam’s city center. Free Wi-Fi connection. On-site support. Heineken Ambassadors to help you brew the perfect event and serve the perfect beer. Access to tea and coffee. Inspiring workspaces.