Covid-19 update

Dear Heineken ambassadors,

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in The Netherlands, the Heineken Experience will remain closed as of Thursday, October 15th until further notice.

All guests who have already purchased their tickets will be refunded the full amount automatically.

If you have booked your tickets via our official Heineken Experience website, please contact us via

If you have booked your tickets via a travel agent, or a reseller, please contact them directly.

Please keep an eye on our social media channels for the most up-to-date information.

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COVID-19 安全准则


我们很高兴能够在 Home of Heineken® 再次欢迎您!为了确保大家安全愉快地参观,我们采取了多项安全措施,请您在参观期间给予配合。


保持社交距离:我们已经采取措施确保游客在各个区域都能保持安全距离。那是 1.5 米,或者 20 瓶 Heineken®!

• 跟随我们的大使:参观中有很多新标牌,请留意!这些标牌会帮助您轻松遵循安全说明。

• 照顾个人:我们限制了团体人数,并为每个团体增派了一名免费导游!您不仅可以在参观期间听到更多讲解,我们训练有素的工作人员还会确保在整个行程中为您提供安全指导。

• 卫生:当然,我们会特别注意卫生,因此您完全不必担心。整个行程中也有洗手液供您使用。




• 如果您是多人前来,我们要求与您同行的必须是您的家人。

• 如果您或您接触过的任何人最近感觉身体不舒服,请稍后再重新安排参观。

• 为了确保游客之间的安全距离,我们需要严格限制同时进入大楼的人数。因此,您应该确保遵照您订票的时间段,不要迟到。


- 务必遵循我们工作人员的指示。如果您有任何疑问,也可以随时询问他们!

- 彼此保持安全距离(1.5 米)。如果您带儿童前来,请确保他们也遵守指示。

- 别忘了经常洗手或使用我们的洗手液。如果您要打喷嚏或咳嗽,请遮住口鼻。

- 所有付款都将用卡支付,所以请不必携带现金。

- 我们恳请你自备口罩,并在参观过程中戴好口罩。当然,我们并不指望你在尽情享用喜力啤酒时也能戴着口罩。喝酒时可以摘下口罩,但要与他人保持一定的距离

- 最后同样重要的一点是,尽情享受,不要忘记 #负责任地体验!


我们很乐意回答你的任何问题。请打电话给我们,或者在 Facebook 或 Instagram 上向我们发送消息。

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  • Until when do you remain closed?

    We will remain closed until further notice. As soon as we have more information regarding our reopening, we will communicate it via our website or social media pages. 

  • I bought a ticket for the period you’re closed due to COVID-19, what do I do now?

    If you already bought a ticket for the period we’re closed, we will refund your money automatically. If you want to keep your ticket and reschedule for another date, send an email to . 

  • Can I buy my ticket at the desk?

    Currently, we only sell tickets online. Make sure you book your ticket via our website in advance!

  • Will I still be able to have fun at the Heineken Experience, despite the COVID-19 restrictions?

    You most definitely will! Nowadays, our groups are much smaller and more intimate, and we’ve added a free guide to each tour. That means that you will get a lot more storytelling and personal attention, and we will make sure to turn your visit into a lasting memory.

  • Can I be late for my timeslot?

    We urge you to come right on time for the timeslot you’ve booked your ticket for. This is important, as it helps us regulate the amount of people in the building at all times.