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Heute: 10:30 - 21:00 (Letzter Enlass 18:45)
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House Rules

While in the complex, visitors must conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions of the law, in particular with regard to public order, decency and propriety, and the below described House Rules, which are also included in the General Terms and Conditions of the Heineken Experience. Visitors are also obliged to comply strictly with orders and instructions given by Heineken Experience personnel.

Visitors may not:

  • Offer goods of any kind, for sale or free or charge, to third parties within the complex
  • Intentionally obstruct the free movement of other visitors or block their view of the items on display for extended periods
  • Provide guided tours of the complex unless led by authorized personnel or with the express permission of the management of Heineken Experience
  • Cause nuisance to other visitors, including but not limited to the use of mobile phones, MP3 players or other sources of noise nuisance
  • Bring pets or other animals, including guide dogs, into the complex without the express permission of Heineken Experience personnel
  • Smoke or use drugs in the complex
  • Consume food or refreshments which they have brought with them in the complex or consume food or refreshments obtained in the complex other than in the designated spaces
  • Bring into the complex any items which are considered by Heineken Experience personnel to be hazardous, such as walking sticks, umbrellas, rucksacks, or large bags; such items may be left at the cloakroom. Note that your bags may be screened.
  • Cause nuisance to other guests or Heineken Experience personnel as a result of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Perform behavior that is perceived as discriminating, intimidating or violence by either Heineken Experience personnel or other guests
  • Damage, destruct or steal any items that belong to either the Heineken Experience or other guests

If, in the reasonable judgment of an authorized official of Heineken Experience, who must be clearly recognizable as such, a visitor behaves in any way contrary to such provisions, orders and/or instructions, he/she may be denied further access to the complex and will have no right to a refund of the admission ticket or compensation for any other expenses incurred.