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Achat de billets

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Where Orange meets Green

King’s Day is all about Dutch traditions, and what is more Dutch than Heineken?

Come celebrate the birthday of the Dutch King at the place where Heineken was born. Let us tell you the story of how a small, Dutch brewery became the world’s most premium brand of beer. For one day, we will change some of our green to orange, and organise a lot of surprises for our guests, such as delicious Dutch delicatessens and traditional Dutch games.

Enjoy a day full off authentic experiences on what might be the most Dutch day of the year. And if you’re lucky, you might become our King or Queen for a day!

Are you ready for a true royal treatment? Book your tickets now!


A day full of surprises


an authentic Dutch experience in the place where orange meets green


delicious Dutch delicatessens that go perfect with your fresh Heineken® beer

5 facts about King's Day

  • What do we celebrate on King’s Day?

    King’s Day (previously Princess Day and Queen’s Day) is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in honour of the head of state. King’s Day gets celebrated with various festivities including free markets, traditional games and festivals, and everyone gets dressed up in orange.

  • Why does everyone dress up in orange?

    The colour orange refers to the family name of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau. Their ancestor, William of Orange, is the founder of the Netherlands. The colour orange symbolizes our national unity and the Dutch express their national pride by wearing orange.

  • Why was it called Queen’s Day before?

    The Netherlands always had queens since 1890, and so we were celebrating Queen’s Day all this time. It was only with King Willem-Alexander, who became our King in 2013, that we’ve switched to King’s Day for the first time in history. The reason that we celebrate it on the 27th of April, is because it is the birthday of our King!

  • Is the Dutch King doing anything on King’s Day?

    King’s Day is a National Holiday in the Netherlands, which means that everyone has a day off. Except for the King! On King’s Day, the Royal Family pays a ceremonial visit to one or more municipalities with a central function in the country. The family joins in the celebration, during which the city and the surrounding places can present themselves in a festive and characteristic way.

  • What are nice things to do on King’s Day?

    Are you looking for the best thing to do on King’s day? That’s an easy one.. visit the Heineken Experience! But, if you have some time left, make sure to check out the free market in the Vondelpark, walk around in the Jordaan, take a look at all the boats sailing through the canals and of course, make sure to dress up in orange

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