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  • Are pets allowed in the Heineken Experience?

    Unfortunately, you have to leave your furry friends at home. Pets are never permitted in the Heineken Experience.

    Service dogs are welcome in the Heineken Experience.

  • Are you still brewing beers in the building?

    Unfortunately, we have stopped brewing beers in our building. Nowadays, our former brewery has been turned into a brand experience. But do not worry, you will still be able to take a look at the original brew room and enjoy one or two fresh Heineken beer(s).

  • Can I book a guided tour?

    Yes, you can. For more information, please send an email to

  • Can I take my children to the Heineken Experience?

    Children are allowed in the attraction as long as an adult accompanies them. We do not serve alcoholic beverages to visitors under the age of 18. In this case, they will receive two complimentary glasses of soft drink or water. Please note that prams are not allowed on the tour. You can leave it in our cloakroom (free of charge).

  • Can I take pictures inside the Heineken Experience?

    Yes, as long as our Heineken Ambassadors are treated with respect, photography is allowed. Photographs, videos and films may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes.

    We love to see your photos on Facebook and Instagram! Please use our hashtag #heinekenexperience, so we can find them easily.

    If you would like to film or take photographs for professional and commercial purposes, please contact

  • Can we access the rooftop terrace of the Heineken Experience?

    We know that we probably have one of the best views of Amsterdam, and that it is nice to share some drinks and take pictures with your friends and family on a rooftop terrace. However, and because we are located at the city centre, we also have to respect our neighbours. This is especially important in areas where there are families and locals living. Therefore, we can’t open this area to everyone.

    If you book our VIP tour, the tour guide will gladly take you upstairs to enjoy the view and a fresh Heineken beer.

  • Does a tour include Heineken beer?

    Yes, of course you get to taste our delicious beer. If you’re of legal drinking age, that is. Our Heineken tours include two cold Heineken beers, and the VIP tour includes some of our finest craft beers, paired with Dutch bites.

  • Does the Heineken Experience have parking facilities?

    Unfortunately, we do not have our own parking facilities. The nearest car park is APCOA Parking Heinekenplein (link how to get there in e.g. maps) 200 meters away from the Heineken Experience.

  • I have a ticket with a time slot. How long can I stay in the attraction?

    You can take all the time you need for your visit. Only your starting time (booked timeslot) is set. On average, the self-guided tour takes about 2 hours.

  • Is there a cloakroom in the Heineken Experience?

    Yes, we offer a cloakroom service. You can leave your possessions (coat, bag, backpack, suitcase, umbrella or buggy) with us, free of charge. This way you can enjoy the tour without a care in the world.

  • What are the busiest hours?

    On Saturdays, we are particularly popular, as this is our busiest day of the week. We do not offer any VIP tours or group visits that day.

  • What are your opening hours?

    We are open year-round, just like the city of Amsterdam!

    Unlike Amsterdam, we need our beauty sleep. We would love for you to visit us during our opening hours:

    - Monday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Tuesday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Wednesday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Thursday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Friday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Saturday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)
    - Sunday: 12:00 to 21:00 (last entry 18:45)

  • What is the Legal Drinking Age in The Netherlands?

    The legal drinking age in The Netherlands is 18+. Enjoy responsibly!

  • Which languages does the Heineken Experience offer?

    All our tours are in English. But, since we’re a global brand, we understand that doesn’t offer the best solution for everyone. You can download the Heineken Experience app, to get the best out of your tour, as well as experience it in a different language. Our app will enhance your visit even further! The app is available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

    You can also get some quick help in your native language in the tour by checking the badges on our crew’s shirts; their pins show the languages they speak.


  • How do I schedule my tour at the Johan Cruijff ArenA?

    After purchasing your Perfect Match Tour, you will receive a unique code on your ticket. Reserve your timeslot for the ArenA via this link by filling in your unique code.

  • What is Rock The City?

    Your tour starts at the Heineken Experience. The boat leaves 2 hours after your visit at the Heineken Experience, giving you enough time to explore the brewery and enjoy your cold beers. You will depart at the canal in front of the Heineken Experience and will be dropped off at the A’DAM Tower; your final destination. Please note that the canal cruise is a one-way trip.

  • What is The Perfect Match?

    Our Perfect Match tour is the best combination between beer and football. You get access to both the Heineken Experience and the Johan Cruijff Arena. You can visit at your own pace and decide which timeslot suits you best based on our availability.

    Please note that neither the Johan Cruijff Arena nor the Heineken Experience are arranging transportation between our two locations.

  • What is the VIP tour?

    The VIP will take you around 2,5 hours, in which we will guide you through our brewery and explain everything there is to know about our company. To finish the visit, we will take you to our private (and secret) bar where we will serve five premium beers from our portfolio, accompanied by snacks that have been carefully selected to match the beers. In this intimate environment, you will have the chance to interact with the guide, as well as the other guests. All in all, our VIP tour is a definite ‘not to miss while in Amsterdam!


  • Do I have to print my ticket?

    No, the unique code on each ticket can be scanned from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Be green, keep it on screen.

  • I bought a ticket for the wrong date. Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund?

    Sadly, we are unable to give any refunds. Not even in case of circumstances beyond your control, such as public transport problems or personal circumstance. Still, we will do our best to help you. If possible, we will try to rebook your ticket to another date. For questions regarding your ticket, please send an email to

  • I bought a ticket, but I have not received confirmation. What should I do?

    Have you checked your spam box? Sometimes our emails land there by mistake. Is it a ticket for today? We advise you to go to the Heineken Experience directly and contact our information desk. They will help you. Is it a ticket for another day? Please send an email to We will help you out and you will receive a confirmation by mail. Has your account not been charged? In that case, you have not bought a ticket yet. Please go back to our ticketing page and try again.

  • I have an Amsterdam pass. Where do I book my tickets?

  • I want to visit the Heineken Experience with a group. How many tickets can I buy in one go?

    It is absolutely possible to visit us as a group! You can buy up to 10 tickets in one go.

    Considering that we experience particularly busy times on Saturdays, it is not possible to book groups during the weekend.

  • What is the refund policy?

    According to our Terms and Conditions, purchased tickets are non-refundable. Still, we will do our best to help you. If possible, we will try to rebook your ticket to another date. For questions regarding your ticket, please send an email to

  • When are the online tickets released?

    Tickets for any date are usually released three months in advance on this website. Due to COVID-19, tickets are now released 45 days in advance.


  • How long will the Heineken Experience be undergoing renovation?

    For approximately 14 months, starting in June 2021. Please note that during any renovation, unpredicted events can happen which might influence the duration of the construction. However, it is our ambition to complete the renovation within the given timeframe.

  • I live in the Pijp, what is the impact of the construction in terms of noise and other disturbances?

    We will do our best to limit the impact of the renovation on the surrounding area by respecting specific rules (e.g. no construction before 8:00 am and after 10.00 pm) and by having an efficient planning process (e.g. combining delivery of materials to minimize noise).
    One example is the use of a logistic hub outside the city center, where ‘working packages’ will be assembled each day, so only the necessary materials for that day will be transported in one truck instead of multiple deliveries. Unfortunately, there will be moments where some impact can be expected. This could be demolition work or adjustments to the constructional shell of the building. There will also be a crane situated in the back area for several months.
    We will inform all neighbors in advance when we expect construction to be loud or impactful. Also, regular neighborhood meetings will be organized in order to provide updates

  • In the past, the plan was to move the exit towards the Marie Heinekenplein. What happened to this plan and what are the plans for the new exit location?

    In the past, we received permission from the City of Amsterdam to relocate the exit of the Heineken Experience towards the Marie Heinekenplein. However, as this wasn’t favored by the neighborhood, we chose not to go forward with the plan. This will continue to be respected for the 2021/2022 construction. The entrance/exit of the Heineken Experience will remain at the Stadhouderskade.

  • Where can I get more information about the renovation?

    This website will be updated regularly with additional Q&As as well as more precise timelines and information on public meetings. Please visit this page regularly.

  • Which areas at the Heineken Experience will be renovated?

    Three areas will be renovated:
    The entrance and exit area: the surface of this area will be increased by repurposing the current horse stables and using this space to welcome guests. The Store will be relocated and will be accessible for everyone, including those who aren’t taking the tour
    The rooftop & the Moutzolder: This space will be accessible via an elevator in the entrance hall. In order to reach the roof, guests will first arrive at the Moutzolder bar, an area which will also be renovated
    Logistics: The current storage space will be improved for more efficiency and less traffic. No new buildings will be built, the existing ones will simply be improved.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have a question about the project?

    Please email us at and we’ll happily respond. During the construction, we will have a dedicated phone number to flag construction-related issues. It will be posted on the website in June.

  • Why is the Heineken Experience going to renovate this summer?

    There are three reasons that call for a renovation:
    Safety is the main reason for the renovation. Guests queuing outside the former brewery building can be a traffic hazard and a safety risk. By creating a bigger entrance area, guests won’t have to queue outside, but will be invited inside the building instead
    Maintaining Dutch heritage & sharing Heineken’s history: The Heineken Experience is the first built Heineken brewery. Maintaining this monumental building is important in order to share its rich history, including the former brewery functionalities
    Lack of facilities: The Heineken Experience has welcomed an increasing number of visitors over the past years. However, the number of essential facilities has not increased. This will be tackled as part of the renovation

  • Will I be able to host a business event at the Heineken Experience during the renovation?

    Yes, business events can still be hosted during the renovation. Some spaces won't be available for certain periods. However, there are other areas inside the Heineken Experience where we’d be happy to welcome you. Please contact our Events team for more details.

  • Will I miss out on some tour areas when I visit during the renovation?

    Most areas inside the tour will not be impacted by the renovation and we will do our utmost to make you feel warmly welcomed at the Home of Heineken. The entrance area may look different during various stages of the renovation, but this will not impact your experience.

  • Will the tour stay open during the renovation?

    Yes, we will continue to welcome guests during the renovation.

Heineken Experience

  • How can I reach the HEINEKEN Headquarters?

    You can reach the HEINEKEN Headquarters at 003120 52 39 777.

  • What is the Heineken Experience?

    The Heineken Experience is a brand experience within Heineken’s oldest brewery, in the heart of Amsterdam. In 1988 the former brewery closed down, because we got too big for our boots. Today, the historical building serves as a venue where you can learn all about Heineken heritage, the brewing process, our sometimes crazy innovations, sponsoring and the story behind the star. You’ll also learn about the best way to taste and enjoy your Heineken beer.


  • What payment options can I use on the website?

    When it’s time to purchase your tickets, you can use any of the payment options supported by our ticketing platform.

  • What payment options can I use?

    When it’s time to purchase your tickets, you can use any of the payment options supported by our ticketing platform. If you want to buy something from our store (Heineken® merchandise), you can use our contactless payment options. Please leave your cash at home!


  • How can I reach the Heineken Experience?

    Our old Heineken brewery and brand experience can be found at Stadshouderskade 78, 1072 AE in Amsterdam.

    You can also take trams 1, 7, 19 or 24, and metro 52. They stop right around the corner.

    If you have any questions, send us an email at

    If you prefer talking to us via the phone, you can reach us at +31202611323 for ticket-related questions, and at +31207215300 for anything else.

    You can also talk to us on Facebook or slide into our DMs on Instagram.

  • Where is the Heineken Experience located?

    Our building is located at Stadhouderskade 78, 1072AE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Covid 19

  • Are all tours available?

    Unfortunately, not. Currently, we're only offering the original Heineken® tour, The Perfect Match tour and the VIP tour.

  • Can I be late for my timeslot?

    We urge you to come right on time for the timeslot you’ve booked your ticket for. This is important, as it helps us regulate the amount of people in the building at all times.

  • Can I buy my ticket at the desk?

    We only sell tickets online. Make sure you book your ticket via our website in advance! Buy your tickets here.

  • Can I visit the Store?

    The Store is only accessible with a valid entrance ticket to the Heineken Experience.

  • I bought a ticket for the period you’re closed due to COVID-19, what do I do now?

    If you already bought a ticket for the period we’re closed, we will refund your money automatically. If you want to keep your ticket and reschedule for another date, send an email to

  • I purchased tickets but I received a positive test result. What should I do?

    We hope you feel better soon! You can email and we will help you out.

  • I’m not feeling well. Can I still come to the Heineken Experience?

    Unfortunately, not. But don’t worry, you can reschedule your visit for a later time, when you’re feeling better. Just contact and we will help you out.

  • Is it safe to visit the Heineken Experience during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Absolutely! We’ve taken all necessary measures in order to ensure everybody’s safety. Our staff has been well-trained and the tour has been adapted to the 1.5m distance rules. We are also putting extra attention on hygiene and have placed hand sanitizers all throughout our building. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

  • What should I bring with me to my visit to the Heineken Experience?

    Make sure to bring a valid entrance ticket (no need to print it) and your valid identification. Upon arrival, you will be asked to scan a QR code with which you can complete a short health check questionnaire.

  • Will I still be able to have fun at the Heineken Experience, despite the COVID-19 restrictions?

    You most definitely will! Nowadays, our groups are much smaller and more intimate. That means that you will get a lot more storytelling and personal attention, and we will make sure to turn your visit into a lasting memory.


  • Can I use the App even if I am not visiting or at the Heineken Experience?

    If you have already visited our experience, then yes, you can still use the app back home. If you are not visiting us or if you are visiting but not near the building yet, then you won’t be able to use the app. The app can only be used by those who are in our building.

  • How can I change the app’s language?

    The Heineken Brewery Tour is an exciting multimedia experience available in several languages including English, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Go to settings in the App and choose your language.

  • How long does it take to download the App?

    Download time depends on the internet connection and the memory space your phone has available.

  • What is the Heineken Experience App?

    The Heineken Experience app is a digital guide that completes your visit, giving you more information and fun facts as you go through the tour.

    The app is unlocked when visiting the Heineken Experience, enabling you to relive your favourite parts when you are back home!


  • Is the Heineken Experience wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, but... the Heineken Experience is a historic monumental building currently undergoing renovation, partly intended to improve the safety and accessibility of our building. This means, for the duration of the renovations, this makes a visit challenging for people who have difficulty walking, and visitors using a wheelchair. Please inform us about your visit by checking the box when buying your online ticket on our website. We will then take care of the necessary preparations for you to experience the tour with the least amount of trouble.


  • Do you have an online Store?

    Unfortunately, the Heineken Experience does not have an online Store and we do not ship any merchandise. However, we do have a physical store located in our building. The store can be visited without a ticket to the Heineken Experience. The opening hours are the same as for the Heineken Experience. Please keep in mind that you cannot re-enter the Heineken Experience after your visit to the Store. We recommend that you schedule your visit to the Store after your visit to the Heineken Experience.

  • What are the opening hours of the Best ‘Dam Store? And do I need a ticket to visit the store?

    The store can be visited without a ticket to the Heineken Experience. The opening hours are the same as for the Heineken Experience. Please keep in mind that you cannot re-enter the Heineken Experience after your visit to the Store. We recommend that you schedule your visit to the Store after your visit to the Heineken Experience.

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  • Do you have another question?

    We are all (h)ears. Contact us on Facebook (Heineken Experience), Messenger, Twitter and via E-mail (

  • Rate the Heineken Experience

    Tell us what you loved about us and what we could be doing better. We value all feedback so please rate our experience on Google Reviews or TripAdvisor.

  • Site feedback (please rate your

    We are always working to improve our Heineken online experience, so we’d love to hear what’s working and how we can do better.

Lost and found

  • I have lost something, what can I do?

    Please send an email to and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Discount and Voucher

Digital souvenirs

  • How long does it take for my photos/videos to be mailed?

    Sometimes, it could take a few days to receive your digital souvenir. Make sure to check your spam folder too!

  • I did not receive my digital souvenirs. What should I do?

    Please contact

  • My link does not work. What should I do?

    Please contact We will help you out!

Meetings and events

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    If you have any questions regarding your reservation, please contact us at

  • Can we book a room for a business meeting?

    You absolutely can! Please contact for more information.

  • Can we contact you directly?

    For sure! Send us an e-mail (link that opens in a new message) or call us on +31 (0) 20 721 5985 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET)

  • Can we have drinks and snacks?

    Our team upon request can organize drinks, snacks and food. Please get in touch with our team at

  • How can we contact the Meetings and Events team?

    You can send us an e-mail at or call us on +31 (0) 20 721 5985 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET)

  • How can we pay for the room?

    If you have any questions regarding your payment, please contact us at We’ll be happy to help you organize and secure your payment.

  • How long in advance do I need to book the room?

    You know what we say: the sooner the better! Feel free to fill in the form on our website or send us an email at Our team will be happy to help you out.

  • What benefits and services do you offer?

    Conveniently located in Amsterdam’s city center. Free Wi-Fi connection. On-site support. Heineken Ambassadors to help you brew the perfect event and serve the perfect beer. Access to tea and coffee. Inspiring workspaces.

  • What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

    Combining rooms, we can organize events for up to 650 persons.

  • What type of event can be organized at the Heineken Experience?

    We organize all types of events. From meetings to exhibitions, product launches to dinners. And let’s not forget we brew beer so we know how to organize a party!

  • Why choose Heineken Experience as event venue?

    The Heineken Experience, in the heart of Amsterdam, brings the feeling of the brand alive. Our venue has multiple rooms, varying in sizes, for groups between 5 and 350 persons. Our staff is friendly, helpful and knows everything there is to know about Heineken, beer and Amsterdam. And they would love to share it with you and your guests in an interesting way! All our rooms are equipped with various AV facilities to bring your event to a success.

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