Amsterdam Heritage

Heineken has been brewing beer for more than 150 years, all starting in Amsterdam. When this brewery was still active, people were already curious to learn more about the brewing process and they could follow a tour inside. Now, even though the brewing has stopped at this location, the Heineken Experience is still inviting guests inside the building to learn more about how it all started. To continue to do so, the monument must be maintained.

Why a renovation?

The popularity of the Heineken Experience has increased significantly during the last years. This can result in long queues outside the building, which cause an unsafe traffic situation on the Stadhouderskade. In order to welcome guests safely, maintain the monumental building and to better highlight the original brewery elements, it is necessary to renovate some parts of the Heineken Experience.

Wat are the biggest changes?

Guests will be able to enter the new entrance area without a ticket, visit the Store or purchase a separate ticket for the rooftop, even without taking the regular tour.

Entrance area

The entrance and exit will remain on Stadhouderskade, but the current horse stables, located behind the brewery, will make place for a spacious entrance and exit hall. This way, the queue outside will be resolved.

Rooftop & Moutzolder

The roof will be accessible to a wider public for the first time via an elevator in the entrance hall. The elevator will take guests to the 6th floor where the Moutzolder is located, the room where the barley used to be processed. The Moutzolder will serve as a bar, from where guests have access to the roof.


The logistics at the back of the brewery will be internally restructured, with the aim of making processes more efficient and improving the division of storage capacity.

When is the renovation?

The renovation will take approximately 14 months, starting in the summer of 2021. The timeline below roughly shows when which activities will take place and will be regularly updated during the process.


Start renovation

June 2021

Phase 1

June ‘21 - Dec ‘21

Phase 2

Jan ’22 - June ‘22

End renovation

Summer 2022

Get in touch!

At the bottom of this page you will find additional questions and answers about the renovation. If you want to contact us, or request a brochure about the project, please send an e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.



  • How long will the Heineken Experience be undergoing renovation?

    For approximately 14 months, starting in June 2021. Please note that during any renovation, unpredicted events can happen which might influence the duration of the construction. However, it is our ambition to complete the renovation within the given timeframe.

  • Why is the Heineken Experience going to renovate this summer?

    There are three reasons that call for a renovation:
    Safety is the main reason for the renovation. Guests queuing outside the former brewery building can be a traffic hazard and a safety risk. By creating a bigger entrance area, guests won’t have to queue outside, but will be invited inside the building instead
    Maintaining Dutch heritage & sharing Heineken’s history: The Heineken Experience is the first built Heineken brewery. Maintaining this monumental building is important in order to share its rich history, including the former brewery functionalities
    Lack of facilities: The Heineken Experience has welcomed an increasing number of visitors over the past years. However, the number of essential facilities has not increased. This will be tackled as part of the renovation

  • Which areas at the Heineken Experience will be renovated?

    Three areas will be renovated:
    The entrance and exit area: the surface of this area will be increased by repurposing the current horse stables and using this space to welcome guests. The Store will be relocated and will be accessible for everyone, including those who aren’t taking the tour
    The rooftop & the Moutzolder: This space will be accessible via an elevator in the entrance hall. In order to reach the roof, guests will first arrive at the Moutzolder bar, an area which will also be renovated
    Logistics: The current storage space will be improved for more efficiency and less traffic. No new buildings will be built, the existing ones will simply be improved.

  • Who can I reach out to if I have a question about the project?

    Please email us at renovation.experience@heineken.com and we’ll happily respond. During the construction, we will have a dedicated phone number to flag construction-related issues. It will be posted on the website in June.

  • Will the tour stay open during the renovation?

    Yes, we will continue to welcome guests during the renovation.